Who are you targeting and what are your objectives?

The demographics of arc flash can be found all around Canada and the U.S., especially in areas that are heavily concentrated with industrial work and automation. Anyone involved in designing, installing or maintaining electrical systems can be affected by arc flash assessment:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Consulting and specifying engineers
  • Safety and plant engineers
  • Maintenance supervisors
  • Safety managers

These occupations may be upheld by both genders but are more commonly to be the male gender. All of the occupations listed represent a class of professionals who are highly skilled, well educated, and who represent a variety of cultural avenues. These individuals are very well respected due to the nature of their work and must make personnel safety being the number one priority.

Geographically, the need for arc flash analysis and worker safety knows no boundaries. There are those remote areas such as Northern Ontario, Northern Alberta and Newfoundland that are home to some of Canada's finest and important manufacturing facilities. These include Bowater, Syncrude and Abitibi. These paper & pulp mills and oil refineries incorporate large distribution networks, which require special detail to power distribution analysis, electrical coordination studies and short circuit analysis.

Our objective is to bring awareness to the workplace that arc flash along with short circuit analysis is an essential tool when running your business. We want you to have absolute confidence in the ARCAD online Short Circuit Calculator as a more in-depth and accurate tool for short circuit analysis as compared to commercial software that runs at a much higher cost. We also offer software for arc flash hazard analysis and labeling that are not only based upon industry recognized standards but provide innovative features such as arc blast TNT equivalent, arc blast initial pressure, evaluated incident energy at arc flash boundary calculations, and more.